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#BestOfNairobi awards 2015

We keep telling all of you that we’re kinda of sorta like a big deal, we got nominated for another award!!!! UP Magazine is having a Best Of Nairobi awards and we were nominated...

The Next Chapter0

The Next Chapter

Hey guys, We felt like v3rcity needed a brief re-introdruction as we open the next chapter of our ever expanding idea book. v3rcity is a platform of random ideas decoded from the minds of... on iPhone1

v3rcity takes stock 1

Hey guys, hope you’ve been enjoying v3rcity so far. It’s been an amazing many years of random musings and structured humor, mixed with up and downs and arounds. It’s time we gave a situation...

bake post0

Guest Post on BAKE

Hey guys please check out @laureezyf’s guest post on , titled Proxemics Click on the link below to check it out Proxemics  


New year new direction

Happy new year, seasons tidings, greetings!! All that. No this post is not about One Direction, the picture fooled you huh?? Now that I’ve got your attention This is probably gonna be my last...


Breast Cancer Awareness month!!!!!

Hello good people!! This months topic is Breast Cancer Awareness… This is an issue that affects everyone (men and women) and getting a check up as often as possible is advised. Our bloggers will...


White lies… little lie…?

So when I told the mloggers of the topic for this month, the initial reaction was … 1)Uuuuh a white lie what’s that? 2)Of course they’re necessary and 3)do you mean lies we tell white...


Gettin to know ya

Hello there internetland!! How are y’all doing?? It’s a new month… Can you smell it?? It’s wonderful, the bees are singing and the birds are buzzing. Or something like that.     This month...

Friends of the opposite sex; fact or myth0

Friends of the opposite sex; fact or myth

Hello out there in internet-land!! We’re back, like officially back and not like back but I’m on holiday time still back. And we’re glad to be here. We hope you’ve missed us, cause we...