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May Playlist 2017

Always late but never failing, here is our playlist for May… Enjoy!


Tiwa Savage – All Over

We are all over this latest single by Tiwa Savage. Okay, first of all Tiwa Savage is really not playing fair rocking that AMAZING swimsuit that I probably could never afford in my entire...


Wangechi is back and Above The Bass

I might be getting old, in fact I am very sure I am. I’m not sure I know Above The Bass means. I’m just going to assume it mean being better than the rest....


Avril’s new song asks Uko?

So I have been mis-hearing Avrils Uko for a while now, I thought she says where I go but she’s actually saying where are you? As in… uko? I feel really dumb for that...


Atie by Blinky Bill and Mitya

Atie is a new song by Blinky Bill and Mitya. I’m hard pressed to call it a song. I should just say it’s a visual. Atie is a visual by Blinky Bill and Mitya...


Mayonde – Nairobi feat. Stonee Jiwe

Mayonde has a new song y’all. It’s called Nairobi. And guess what it’s about? Yeah you guessed right it’s about our awesome city!!! This song by Mayonde featuring Stonee Jiwe(we will discuss this name...


Willy Paul and Alaine say I do

I love Alaine I really do. I’ve been a fan of hers for years actually. Do you guys remember the first song of hers that you heard? I do, it was a track called...