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Luvvie Ajayi Meet Up at Nailab

This post is a little late but it’s not my fault TV is like really good these days okay? BAKE facilitated a blogger meet up the other day (the date escapes me) for Kenyan...

Survival tips 2

January Sucks: Here’s How To Deal With It.

It’s only mid January and you probably feel like it’s time the month ended already. I’m sorry about that, but you still have a few long days to go before February comes with its...


Drugs man

“If you smoke that, you will become a dirty person. You can’t take a shower or comb your hair because it doesn’t let you. That’s how you end up with dirty dreadlocks…”


Men and Bad Sex, by Rats’ili Skye

I want to rant, and I will. Disclaimer: I am addressing people from my past not present with this. Bitch ass niggas have RUINED sex for EVERYBODY. They’ve created a pathetic situation where all...

September, A Mark Wambui Film - Poster 0

September, A Mark Wambui Film

From the producers of The Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards 2014 & 35th Durban International Film Festival nominated short film “Deceit“ The latest film from the Producers of Deceit, SEPTEMBER is a thrilling-Drama revolving...


Blow me away by Jones Murithi

Sir J Like a fire splinter, Such is life. We announce our arrival with a crack, A thunder, a blaze, bright and beautiful And we fly away, lighting the darkness.   We start small...