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We are all trying to be the next Bill Gates… and v3rcity will try and get you there, with advice, tips, dos and also don’ts or at least we’ll help you to not be broke

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Dating and your Budget

At one or more points in our lives we have dated someone we fancy. The saying is that “Love makes the world go round’; and with love comes dating which in turn needs finances to facilitate....

January Finances 1010

January Finances 101

January is a tough month for most people; financially speaking. It comes right after December; the month of festivities and merry-making. December has a knack of making people sufficiently philanthropic. It is not rare...

Loans 1010

Loans 101

What is a loan? Oxford dictionary defines it as “a thing that is borrowed, especially a sum of money that is expected to be paid back with interest”. There is a feeling you get...


Financial white Lies

They say a lie is a lie no matter how you dress it. “They are right”. However as a race we have come up with a dress code for lies to make them look...


Money and friends opposite sex or otherwise

They say money and friendship is a bad combination. Well, “they” are right. They say money is the source of all evil. Again “they” have a point. Many a friendships have withered because of...