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Because stuff that has to do with nothing happen all the time


Watch The Throne the play

This is by far one of the best things that I have ever read IN MY LIFE! I am not kidding, I love the Internet so much sometimes. Ok let me stop gushing and...


Hannibal (TV show) is cancelled…

I’m so emotional right now, like honestly. Who runs the media? Who runs television? Why are they doing this to us? This is why I need to just stick to KenyansTV (even though it’s...


Beyoncé Always On Beat

Can I just say this the Beyhive cracks me up. How did something so random end up being so hilarious? The first time I saw the on beat trend it was a short clip...


Comic Book Nerds and whining 

Hi I’m Laureezy and I’m a comic book nerd, and I think I hate comic book nerds. Other comic nerds. I honestly do. We’re a really whiny bunch of human beings. Like super whiny,...


Favourite TV Theme songs

love me some TV, I really do. I’m not the preachy judgmental people who say television is the demise of our generation. TV is the best, and some of my favourite memories are attached...


Greyworm the pop star 

Y’all … “Okronodo” is a British pop star I don’t believe it!!


The Theory of Drake

The theory of Drake The theory is that Drake is worse than your typical ‘bad boys’ Drake sells you the dream of a relationship of happily ever after but is actually a run of...

Wangechi - Kenyan Femcee1

Wangechi (femcee) tweets her fans about album

The Kenyan femcee Wangechi — known for her hits such as Nairobi, Do For Love, and Tulia (with fellow Kenyan emcee Rabbit and South African hit maker HHP) — tweeted Wanjeshi (her fans) during the...


People who suck

Give me some fucking space as we stand in line together Jesus God!


Music and life – Laura

First of all you have to say the title of this in the tune of Imaginations Music and Lights… Or for the new school hip hop heads HHPs Music and Lights Either way it’s...