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Glorified Technological Slaves… Chimzy

The notion of computers/machines/technology replacing humans in the work place always sounded like a joke to me. Had people known the technological force would be unstoppable, they would have started stacking up food in...


To Rant or Rejoice about Technology?

Technology Month: A whole month dedicated to my cup of tea, but I find myself just staring at the blank 2048×1024 px canvas, stirring a few unfiltered tea leaves round and round endlessly. What...


Scientific blame game…Grim

Like Schrödinger’s cat, at any given point in life, you will succeed and fail at the same time but you can’t succeed AND fail at the same time because the space-time representation of failure...


Beats by Play – Music Games

I am a nerdcore gamer, and I also enjoy my music like everyone else who now hates MTV for not playing music anymore. When I finally got to combine the tranquility/ head-banging-ness of music...


Duct taping my Windows

The first time I used windows, I had to load it from MSDOS by typing “win” and hitting the return key.


Cheat codes in life aka ‘White Lies’

Cheat codes are just little white lies in the source-code to enhance the gameplay, not to hurt the game 🙂 At first, I thought I was being asked to write about lies white people...

Friendzone location0

Girls love SuperFriendZoning

Fact: girls can be your friends and nothing more It’s true, we don’t have to (rather, we don’t get to) sleep with every girl we are close to. And that’s absolutely fine for friendship’s...