Money and friends opposite sex or otherwise

They say money and friendship is a bad combination. Well, “they” are right. They say money is the source of all evil. Again “they” have a point. Many a friendships have withered because of money. Some have completely broken up while the ones that try to hold on are never the same.

So you have a good friend and they are in a financial bind. They approach you for help and you extend a helping hand. You do this by denying yourself a thing or two to spare the money to lend to your friend…after all they say a friend in need is a friend indeed. This is of course done with the promise that your sacrifice will be repaid once your friend’s tidings change. So you rest easy knowing that this is not so much a sacrifice but a deferment of your own needs that will be catered to once your friend pays you back.

Unfortunately, most of the times money lent to friends is not paid back. We all have that friend in our circle that no one lends money to anymore. Reason being they do not pay back and they have everyone in the circle waiting for a repayment of some sort. The upside to this is once you are on their list of creditors; chances of them borrowing from you again are very low. The downside, you will never see a penny of your money and you can join the long list of people waiting to be re-paid.

“They” again say if a debtor still remembers their debt, the creditor has definitely not forgotten. Most friends end up assuming money lent to them was more of a handout than a loan. When you remind them, they either start to dodge or you get a response such as “you think I have forgotten?” This is the beginning of a withering friendship. You the creditor gets pissed off just by remembering the sacrifice you made to avail the money while the debtor as I said starts dodging.

However, all is not as gloomy because there are friendships that survive the complications that come with money. This is especially true when it comes to business partnerships; some of the best are founded on friendship. If the foundation and core values are trust and honesty then these will thrive.

If you are the kind of friend who borrows from friends and doesn’t repay the money, think about what your friend had to forgo to give you that money. Despite what you may think, they do not have money lying around to dish out as handouts.


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