The Next Chapter

Hey guys,

We felt like v3rcity needed a brief re-introdruction as we open the next chapter of our ever expanding idea book.

v3rcity is a platform of random ideas decoded from the minds of nerdy but cool individuals. It is also a library of select on-going events from creatives and artisans who’s aura is seemingly attractive enough to be shared through the world wide web.

This platform was recently nominated for the humanoid award of Best Entertainment & Lifestyle Blog.

Watch the video

Consider this video like the finale to season 2 of v3rcity. It doesn’t have to make sense 🙂

To the Next Chapter

Life is trying things to see if they work – Ray Bradbury

We want to keep trying new things for the fun of trying new things. Through this journey, where we seem to hover around different genres of idea, we want to expand our territory to new and wonderful things.

And we thank you all who have supported us through the years. Watch this space for much much more 🙂

v3rcity art

Here’s to the random, to the awesome, to the next chapter …

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We just want to keep you as updated as possible with our on-going projects and other stories. We promise to keep it simple, keep it cool, and keep it rare!

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