Hey guys, hope you’ve been enjoying v3rcity so far. It’s been an amazing many years of random musings and structured humor, mixed with up and downs and arounds.

It’s time we gave a situation report on what’s going on so far, and maybe what’s to come in future.

What is v3rcity?

We are here for the Random

He was a boy, she was a girl …  can I make it any more obvious? They were both odd, both weird, both random. What started out as a joke book and stories, tried to be an actual magazine and finally ended up as a blog and vlog. So v3rcity is more of a journey just than a thing.

This journey is for The Freaks, The Geeks, The Outcasts, The Nerds, The Hipsters, weirdos and even the wannabes. V3rcity is outchea, weird funky fresh in your face. It’s fun, it’s random and it’s whatever you want it to be.

And now, here we are … v3rcity is this awesome blog you are skimming through right now trying to avoid getting attached to. Bless your face.

Will we be your Best Entertainment/Lifestyle Blog?


We very recently got nominated for Best Entertainment/Lifestyle Blog at the 2015 Kenya Blog Awards. Please vote for us. We will get you cake. Click here.

Catch us elsewhere:

1. v3rcity Flipboard Magazine

Ever heard of Flipboard? It’s a really cool app which collects articles from around the web and gives them a magazine feel for you to flip through at your convinience. We have one filled with some of the nerdiest and cool things we can find. Check it out by clicking the link below.

View my Flipboard Magazine.

2. GifKEmusic on Tumblr


Have you seen the cool gifs of Kenyan music videos on Tumblr? Yes, that’s part of us. You’re welcome. Click here.

3. v3rcity vs YouTube

Honestly, if you didn’t know we’re on YouTube, then you can’t have any cake. We’re serious! There will be no cake for you. But for real, Watch, Like, Subscribe and share our YouTube videos if you wanna see more hillarious random and not-so-sure-what’s-going-on-here clips from us.

4. Social Media

Please stalk us on Facebook and Twitter. We give you our consent to be weird around us online. We promise to do the same.

Vote of Thanks

To all our friends who’ve seen us from our humble roots and to those who keep encouraging us to keep on doing great things … we thank you so much for the support.

And a big thanks to all our contributors.

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