So when I told the mloggers of the topic for this month, the initial reaction was …

1)Uuuuh a white lie what’s that?

2)Of course they’re necessary and

3)do you mean lies we tell white people or is it lies told by people ?

Guys are really silly… so that’s the topic of the month, white lies. Are they a good or a bad thing, are they necessary or a bad habit? Our mloggers will expound on this topic the only way they know how. So stay tuned and read on, and we promise we as v3rcity will try… key word TRY not lie to you…

On a random note I found a clip from the show Lie To Me on YouTube about white lies, how perfect is that? Check it out —–>  Lie To Me White Lie Song

Also there’s a rock group out there called the White Lies… again how random is that…


Here’s a link to their VEVO on YouTube —>>


much love…


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