Name: Myra Ntlatlapa

Nickname: Girl_Incognito

Occupation: Student (Batman at night)


Which section of v3rcity do you write for?

There are sections? Idk, the monthly topic?

Why do you think this is?

Because… I’m unaware that there are other sections…?

What is your favourite past time?

Music. Alcohol. Food. Love.

You are currently i) reading?

The novel Beautiful Creatures

ii)Listening to?

A lot of old school rock, either that or indie rock

iii) Watching?

All the series I missed out on when I had shit internet in Lesotho.

If you were president for a day you would?

Annihilate Maseru city council and replace them with Germans.

You are currently obsessed with?

Germans 😛

If you could switch lives with anyone dead/alive you would switch with? Why?

Dave Phoenix (Bassist from Linkin Park), just so I could be around them without replacing my favourite members.

If you were famous what quote would you be known for/remembered by?

The best way to understanding is to understand yourself.

You write because?

It’s a great release. If my thoughts are muddled, baffled, confused or if I just need to vent, writing helps, A LOT.

Music you like to fall asleep to?

Very mellow alt. rock like Kings of Leon, Coldplay or lately Lana Del Rey. Also the smooth sounds of Kenny G.

If you were a song what song would you be?

No rain by Blind Melon. (youtube it)

Describe yourself in using a dance move e.g. the dougie, the samba, Harlem shake etc.

The two-step. Simple yet effective

What music do you shower to?

Changes daily. Depends on my mood

In my next life you’d like to come back as?


If you were food what meal would you be? Why?

Dessert. Chocolate fondant. a little sweet, a little sinful and oh so addictive 😛

If you were a colour what colour would you be? Why?

Silver. Its subtle and elegant yet effective and beautiful (wow that sounded really gay)

Twitter or Facebook or Tumblr?

Twitter. On Facebook you’re just in everybody’s business way too much.

In next life if you could come back as the opposite sex would you? Give reason for answer…

Yeah, but only if I could remember being a girl in my past life. I’d just want to see what it’s like to be less emotional. And I want to have sex with myself. (just kidding)

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