Name: Thandiwe

Nickname: Gnasher

Occupation: Scholar and part time masochist

Which section of v3rcity do you write for? Ummm…dunno?

Why do you think this is? Ummm…because I haven’t been told?

What is your favourite past time? I have many favourite past times such as reading, writing, drawing, eating, going to the library to see my crush, I fancy myself to be a performer so I like to put on performances every now and then…

You are currently i) reading? I bought myself a copy of Paulo Coelho’s latest book Manuscript Found in Accra and Aleph; I have read both books twice already! I can’t get enough of Coelho’s mysticism and his musings on life and its twists and turns!

ii) Listening to? A Fire inside (AFI), their last album was a masterpiece. They are set to release something in September, can’t wait!!

iii) Watching? Django Unchained, undoubtedly one of the best movies ever made. DiCaprio deserved an Oscar for his portrayal of plantation owner and master villain Calvin Candy plus, like good wine, he gets better with age!

If you were president for a day you would? Refuse to step down…

You are currently obsessed with? The army of pimples that have invaded my butt cheeks, they are ruining my already non-existent sex life!

If you could switch lives with anyone dead/alive you would switch with? Why? Adolf Hitler, evil as he was, he managed to turn an entire country against a people. That requires great courage, charisma, determination and a sharp mind. I would like to savour the power that he had and know what went on in that sordid Nazi head of his.

If you were famous what quote would you be known for/remembered by? Don’t drink and drive, smoke and fly…coz it just sounds awesome!


You write because? I write because it is who I am, it’s like asking why I breathe.

Music you like to fall asleep to? Classical, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Mozart etc.

If you were a song what song would you be? Death Before Dishonour by Five Finger Death Punch

Describe yourself in using a dance move e.g. the dougie, the samba, Harlem shake etc.


What music do you shower to? House music, currently showering to DJ Kents Spin My World Around.

In my next life you’d like to come back as? Your English grammar teacher

If you were food what meal would you be? Why? Garlic bread with cheese, because it is absolutely divine like myself!

If you were a colour what colour would you be? Why? Black, because it says so much but at the same time reveals nothing.

Twitter or Facebook or Tumblr? Twitter

In next life if you could come back as the opposite sex would you? Give reason for answer…

Yes! I would like nothing better than to come back as a man. The answer is obvious, men have all the power. The only real power that women have is between their legs. History and mother nature have always favoured the ‘dominant species’.

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