Name: Mookho Makhetha

Nickname:Marj, Mo, depends how you know me.

Occupation: Freelancer writer, researcher.

Which section of v3rcity do you write for? General, I suppose.

Why do you think this is? I have adult ADHD.


What is your favourite past time? At the moment; sitting, thinking, philosophizing. Whether or not I this on my own or with other people depends on the day of the week and my mood.

You are currently i) reading? Off or on the computer or both?

ii) Listening to? The muffled sounds of a television at low volume.

iii) Watching? Rather I’m ignoring what Trace has become.

If you were president for a day you would? A Day?! I only get one day but George Bush got 8 years? What democracy is this?

You are currently obsessed with? Cake! I blame Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes and Unique Sweets (These are TV shows not franchise stores. They should be!).

If you could switch lives with anyone dead/alive you would switch with? Why? The artist formerly known as Prince that became The Symbol (you get the point).

If you were famous what quote would you be known for/remembered by? “Contrary to popular belief I am an idiot in real life”.

You write because? I am an idealist unhappy about the state of world so while I try to figure out ways to change the world, I write.

Music you like to fall asleep to? Anything and everything. Even country music. Just keep Rick Ross and his fantasy hip pop bunch away from me. Yes, hip pop.

If you were a song what song would you be? Nightbirds by Shakatak

Describe yourself in using a dance move e.g. the dougie, the samba, Harlem shake etc. Hmmm, I suppose kwassa kwassa would be the most appropriate.

What music do you shower to? I do not shower to music. The sound of water interferes the music, rather the music interferes with the sound of the water.

In my next life you’d like to come back as? I would like to come back as myself but as a spirit and inhabit the body of an 8 month old baby and find out what it is these people are trying to say to you before they learn to express themselves using our (grown up) language.

If you were food what meal would you be? Why? Pork stew/stir fry and rice/noodles. I’ve eaten a lot of that lately.

If you were a colour what colour would you be? Why? Turquoise or teal. Just the right amount of blue and green – balanced like I am.

Twitter or Facebook or Tumblr? If it is NOT Facebook, it is always preferable, heck I’d even use Reddit.

In the next life if you could come back as the opposite sex would you? Give reason for answer…

Buy a thong and go to a gay brothel… No, actually I would become a taxi (kombi) or cab driver every time I went broke!

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