Name: Ofentse

Nickname: Joker


Occupation: Corporate Exec

Which section of v3rcity do you write for? The section where we don’t get paid a damn dime

Why do you think this is? Laura is stingy with the moola

What is your favourite past time? Ovulations inspection & nature exploration

You are currently i) reading? Human Alliance by Michael Ruppert

ii) Listening to? Dreaming in colour & Mourning in America

iii) Watching? Amazing Race

If you were president for a day you would? Fire the education minister and give cops sneakers

You are currently obsessed with? Yellow bones on ovulation

If you could switch lives with anyone dead/alive you would switch with? Why? Richard Pryor/Hank Moody…..them fellas know what life is

If you were famous what quote would you be known for/remembered by? If you can walk through mud, you can f**k thru blood

You write because? I love sharing my thoughts & species of a feminine gender like a man who can serenade them with all sorts of sweet nothings in words

Music you like to fall asleep to? Lounge

If you were a song what song would you be? The Roots ft Codi Chesttnut – The Seed 2.0

Describe yourself in using a dance move e.g. the dougie, the samba, Harlem shake etc. Sjwetla (SA township naked dance in public)

What music do you shower to? Depends on when last I visited vegas (jerked off) bt usually Hip Hop

In my next life you’d like to come back as? Stand up comedian on a wheelchair

If you were food what meal would you be? Why? Biltong…..raw, dry and uncut

If you were a colour what colour would you be? Why? Tar…..I change shades with the rays but stay black

Twitter or Facebook or Tumblr? FB…

In next life if you could come back as the opposite sex would you? Give reason for answer…

Yup, just so I can be lesbian because if you’re lesbian you get to fondle tits and clits and when its all done, you still go home with ur own set. Niiiiiiiiiice









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