Nicki Minaj released the music video for her record featuring Beyoncé called Feeling Myself, this single is off her current album called the Pink Print.


There’s a catch.

The video is only available on Tidal!! Can you imagine that? How can they do this to us?? I thought you loved us Nicki! Our saviour Beysus has forsaken us. Now I’m sure there are those of you who have no idea what Tidal is whatsoever.

Tidal is a subscription based music streaming site, very similar to Spotify only it’s not free( I sound so biased). Tidal is supposed to be better for the artists as they get a bigger cut of the profits? Also lossless music!! I’m not explaining this very well am I? Does anyone remember the launch video for Tidal? I’m still confused. Ok here’s a Wikipedia link defining Tidal.

Ok back to the Feeling Myself video

I loved it so much! Yes I have watched it 🙂 and of course I don’t have a subscription for Tidal I’m not made of money hahaha!

But where there’s a will, Tumblr found a way. I love Tumblr so much!!!

There’s also some talk that Nicki may have made a dig at Tyga by wearing a jersey that says Pervert 17 . This is of course in reference to her Young Money affiliate rapper Tyga who is dating seventeen year old Kylie Jenner (Kim Kardashians youngest sister), a lot of people don’t approve of their relationship because of course she’s only seventeen years old and he’s twenty five (can someone say illegal?)

[highlight]What do you think?[/highlight]

Still from Feeling Myself video
Still from Feeling Myself video

Feeling Myself is one of my favourite songs off Nickis Pink Print album, it gets me hype every single time and the video does the same. I really like the video because it protrays Nicki and Beyoncé as two friends who were just having a blast in the desert.

Nicki Minaj feat Beyoncé – Feeling Myself  (it’s a link for Tidal, you can see a short preview on the home page at least)

Jay Z is one clever S.O.B for this 😏 , wonder how many subscriptions Tidal will mass just because of this video.

Don’t tell anyone we did this 😉

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  1. Jerono Odhiambo avatar
    Jerono Odhiambo

    Tidal!!! the illuminati app

    so that link for poor tumblr people like me?

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