Funny, warm, light hearted, are not the words you’d use to describe Netflix’s new show: Daredevil.  Based off of Frank Miller’s twist in the Marvel character, Daredevil is serious, violent and dark. So dark. Thematically as well as visually. Hell’s Kitchen is a Kenya Power Heaven. Every room is dark due to lack of proper lighting yet no character is complaining.

The plot

For those new to this, Daredevil is a real estate show, kind of like The Property Show, exhibiting the darkest and discreetest of abandoned warehouses. Each episode involves different characters visiting different warehouses to test out the structures’ ability to perform various functions. Heroin-packing abilities, body dumping spots, impromptu villain meetings, regular villain meetings, workout sessions etc. There are so many abandoned warehouses in Hell’s Kitchen you guys.

But seriously, Daredevils story shouldn’t be new to you, if it is, just take Batman’s story and make him blind. A masked vigilante that was orphaned as a young boy and made it through his youth from his inheritance and by learning hand to hand combat in order to fight criminals with guns. He doesn’t kill criminals on principle and is irresistible to women. I could go on with the comparisons but I am sure you already saw them.

Off the bat I liked the title sequence, the red wax dripping to form outlines. Clearly inspired by whoever inspired Hannibal but awesome all the same. It feels like it was done by the same company that did True Detective. I was expecting his suit to look the same as the opening title, but I was disappointed. But it’s just the first season so let’s wait. Even Tony Stark’s first suit was bogus, but it served its purpose.

Marvel’s Daredevil will appease the fans, it has grown up with them, made them feel like adults despite watching something that was thought to be childish. It feels realer,  more relatable and most importantly, true to the comics. I didn’t read a lot of Daredevil when I was a kid, but I had the movie as a reference and boy was I impressed. The movie was kind of a disaster, especially if you did not see the Director’s Cut, so I was eager to see what they would do with the new series.

It feels like a 13 hour movie. Everything feels like it happened in a very short time span. The fighting feels realer than what has been shown in a lot of Marvel movies.


I felt it was visually too dark. We get the point, it has a dark theme but does every single room have to be unnecessarily dark? The offices, the homes, the hospitals. It may help to blend into the dark theme but it felt over the top to me.

Favourite Scene

My best scene is obviously the one take tracking shot at the end of episode 2. I am a sucker for action filled tracking shots and this 5 minute take made me all giddy inside. Fun fact, the off camera bits were when they would switch Charlie Cox with the stunt-double. I didn’t notice that. However, I did notice Daredevil knee kicking the air and a bad guy falling down. This goof was very noticeable but I am guessing the complexities of redoing the whole scene did not allow for a retake. I mean, they had already broken down the door!

Favourite Character

Hands down, Wilson Fisk (Played by Vincent D’Onofrio, that Law and Order guy). He carries this show, sometimes alone. He will make you root for him. Even after realizing he is Kingpin. D’Onofrio’s portrayal is intense. You can feel his presence whether you liked it or not. He sometimes seems calm on the outside but he’s raging on the inside. This rage sometimes leaks out in the form of twitching fingers and quivering mouth and sometimes it just bursts out and burns you to deathness!

Other characters in Amazingness Order Include.

Karen Page

First one to curse, first one to kill, this lady is a force to be reckoned with. She is the most dangerous of the trio. Held back only by the fact that someone has her nudes, and armed with a pepper spray, she is the strongest female character in Daredevil. Not like she has tough competition but she seems capable.

Mathayo Maddo

Blinded by ‘chemicals’ that heightened his senses, Matt goes around kicking ass in dark alleys and in dark court rooms. As Daredevil, you get to see that he is not as hardcore as the comics made him look. You get to watch him struggle with his inner rage, just like Kingpin. He like Tony Soprano, but without the hair or the loss of breath.

Wesley Owen

The suit and hearing about his employer.

Night Nurse

The kiss felt forced. That’s all I’m saying.

Peggy Nelson


Favourite Dialogue

Kingpin has the best lines but this conversation between Matt and Karen caught me off-guard.

“Are you religious, Karen?”

“My parents were. It’s probably why I’m not.”


Daredevil is big on themes.

New tech vs Old School

‘Internet blogs’ are hated by the newspaper people, they think it’s just full of made up stories and cat videos.




Hell’s Kitchen is a reference to how deep in destruction the city is. Matt is referred to as the devil. There is a Catholic priest who doesn’t seem too into what he does.


If Hell’s Kitchen was any more corrupt it’d feel like it was Nairobi, The senator is corrupt, the police are corrupt, the FBI are corrupt, the newspapers are corrupt, your friend is corrupt. I kid you not, it’s like they were copying Kenya’s situation. We should sue for infringing on our trademark.


Ben Urich threatens Karen Page with something he found about her past that she wouldn’t want exposed and I was betting it was nudes. They did not finally reveal what it was but I still hope it’s nudes.


A lot of these comic characters are getting remade. Look at the movie calender for 2015-2017. It’s a ploy for Hollywood to cash in the easiest way possible. They are not making any new superheroes any time soon. Just keep retelling and resaying. It is getting tiring. You can almost feel the lack of ambition.

However, if you are going to check out a new comic show, I would recommend you start with Daredevil before proceeding to Gotham then to the Agents. Daredevil brings in the same rehashed shit with a bit more darkness, and realism that is going to make you forget for a second that you have seen and heard it all before. It has raised the bar for TV shows that have a superhero element to them. I cannot wait to see what this Netflix and Marvel combo will churn out next.

Have you seen Daredevil, let me know what you think Karen Page is hiding. Or what you thought of the show in general.

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