Doobeez!! Dooby Dooby Doo!! Abbas Doobeez!!

I’ve been an Abbas fan for a very long time, in my opinion (don’t come at me with your favs please) he’s one of the most underrated rapper in Kenya. His world play is next level as you’ll hear in this song, and I am all here for the sample. I’m secretly an old person because of how much I like old music, this is a sample from Gimme The Night by George Benson (school of the old I tell you) and it’s a good.

This song what I can the beat is tight, the flow is tight, the mood is tight, I’d say it’s a hit (wonder if it will be played on radio because it’s a sample🤔). All in all I’m feeling it, Abbas does it again! As always…


Abbas Doobeez is Kenyan rapper formely of the group K-South with fellow Kenyan rapper Bamboo who gave us hits such as Kapuka and Kariobangi South 

Find him on

Twitter @abbasdoobeez

Soundcloud AbbasDoobeez

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