Guys, guys I do not think that you understand this.

Adele is back

You guys, this huge. I am in ALL OF my feelings here.

You know Adele the multi talented, award winning, feelings snatching, pop icon.

Adele is back, and she’s better than ever.

Her new single Hello has taken the Internet by storm and all of our hearts were not ready for it.

The song is all sorts of fantastic

She initially gave us a snippet of the song on her Twitter and had people speculating over whether she would actually give us something or just Frank Ocean it (don’t get me started on him… Woosah)

She tweeted this photo

Letter from Adele
She didn’t disappoint though… Not even a week later she gave us brilliance 😁 and I love her for this.

And Twitter is going crazy over it 😂

Here are some of my favourite tweets 😁

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