AKA x Diamond – Make Me Sing

AKA is really trying to take over Africa huh? With this collabo with East Africa’s hottest artist currently, he is broadening his horizon in terms of fan base wiht this Diamond collabo.

Diamond has been on a role musically for a hot minute now, and this collabo is a great move forward for both of these artistes.

The song is entitled Make Me Sing and is of course about a woman that is driving them crazy and them doing anything for this woman.

The video actually starts off with a bit of concept with Diamond and AKA robbing a bank (I assume to get money to please these women who are making them sing?) and then that story kind of gets lost in the mix and the video turns into a nineties rap video.

It’s a good effort I guess, I really wish that AKA rapped instead of auto tuning though.

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