I first heard of Kwame and this ‘Aki Wewe’ song at a sketch comedy improv show Because You Said So (BYSS) and was blown away immediately.

He was coerced into an impromptu performance by the host that evening and that short but sweet performance was amazing.

His vocals are quite amazing..

His name might suggest that he’s South African but his music is anything but, it’s verily merrily Kenyan.

This song is an awesome embodiment of Kenyaness, especially the phrase Aki Wewe, even as you read it you can hear and imagine the tone and inflection of the word, it’s such a memorable phrase.

The song is great and the tuner even better, make sure to check it out.

Aki Wewe


About Kwame

Kwame Rigii is a singer-songwriter. His style ranges between acappella harmonies, soul as well as African rhythms conveying deepness and a peaceful atmosphere.

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