Alicia Keys – In Common (Audio)

Alicia Keys dropped a new single y’all!

Hold on, what’s going on? Why? Can’t? I? Stop? Dancing?


Giiiiirl Alicia this song goes awf! And I mean awf! This beat is bananas, like B-A-N-A-N-A-S! I am so here for this! So completely here for this.

I’m really liking this new trend of American artists kind of getting with the African beat groove kind of vibe (like Drake and his recent Wizkid collaboration), it’s makes for amazing music.

And how sultry is Alicia’s voice? When she’s not trying to sing notes that she has no business going near and not scream-singing she is legitimately one of my favourite musicians.

I also really like the lyrics to this song, can’t you just hear yourself having such a conversation with someone in your life? Everyone has been there right?

The image she decided to attached to this is also all sorts of dope too, it’s like I have no make up on, my hair is wrapped up and I’m still slaying you kind of vibe. I’m with it.

Alicia Keys- In Common


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