It’s been a while since I listened to an Avril song. A very long while *cues Chokoza*

Her new track is entitled Yule Dame(translation That Girl). The basic thought and idea behind this song is empowerment I think. But int he first few lyrics she’s taking digs at other women so I’m just here like


“Tell baby mama handling her’s bila drama, tell boss lady boss lady handling hers kawaida?”

Maybe I’m misunderstanding the intent behind the lyrics because the rest of the song is very uplifting. So I’m a bit conflicted, I’ll ask around and see whether I’m just reading into things.

The song has a very Kenyan beat to it, you know what I mean right? It’s not afro-pop, afro-soul, neo-soul or whatever new genre of music our new school artists have named their music (*coughs* Cosmic Homies).

It’s a distinctly Kenyan sound and for that reason alone I will Stan hard for Avril.

The song Yule Dame seeks to emphasize the power of women. It tells them that they a great. They are enough. They are ‘Yule Dame’.

I like the video. there’s a story line, a progression of events, it’s not just people dancing around in brightly coloured clothes. I’m here for it. Go Avril!

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Twitter: AvrilKenya

Facebook: AvrilFanPage


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  1. Thosh why did you leave here it’s cold since 2016

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