Toka is the debute single from girl group/band BeCa. The band consists of two songstresses Becky Sangolo and Carol Kamweru.  They combined the first two letters of their names to coin their name BeCa.

They met in a music school a few years ago and decided to blend their voices and form a group.

It’s is a catchy song, Toka loosely translates to ‘leave’. This song about love and heartbreak. And how loving someone can sometimes not be the best thing for you, so you have to save yourself from them and tell them to Toka.

This song made me very nostalgic, it sounds so Kenyan. The beat, the lyrics, the sound. It just sounds like the Kenyan song you sang along to with your friends on the bus/matatu on your way home from school. And you sang along loudly about heart break even though you’d never experienced it. It’s a good feeling this song.

The video is also quite decent, toka has some nice styling and make up. That’s a big complaint for me. I always wonder whether the director and the team surrounding  video shoot ever talk, meet and agree on the way forward.

Looking forward to more music from BeCa.

Find BeCa

Twitter: @theBandBeCa

Facebook: TheBandBeCa



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