Have you guys checked out Blinky Bill’s soundcloud?

You haven’t huh? If not then you should. For those of you who may not know who Blinky Bill is, he is the front man of the afro-electric band Just A Band.

Now I’m like the biggest Just A Band fan out there probably. So I was already pretty much in love with Blinky Bill and co. and then dude decided to give us some solo sounds? *faints into a Blinky Bills hat closet*

This guy is so talented like it’s almost unfair.

Also I missed his first ever solo show… Sigh I’m still not over that.

So this year he gave us a lot of new music (which I keep wondering when I’ll hear on radio, or is that not the point of the music?)

I’m glad dude has branched out so to speak, his musical ear is so bloody fantastic.

I’m gonna stop now, because to be honest I could gush over him all day.

But don’t take my word for it just listen…

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