Cardiac Arrest just dropped 😏. This marks the fourth single to Wangechi’s upcoming album. It’s an alternative hiphop track featuring none other than HERSELF. Brace yourself to get in the zone, and try to keep up with the fast-paced rap in the first two verses, balanced out with a finger-snapping sing-along chorus. Wangechi is back and has definitely mastered her flow.

Thank God it’s Friday. Now turn up the volume 🔊.

Listen to Cardiac Arrest below


The song is inspired by her journey of recovery from an unfortunate accident late last year. It’s her way of getting back on her feet (literally) and shining her light once again.

🎶 I’ve got so many different unsung, stories, feels like a lump sum locked up in my heart … feels like CARDIAC ARREST … 🎶

Watch Behind the Scenes of making the video

Directed by BrainWorks at MGM studios. BTS shot and Edited by Bryan Adagala


Artist: Wangechi ft Wangechi
Song: Cardiac arrest
Written by: Wangechi ft Wangechi
Performed by: Wangechi Ft Wangechi
Audio Producer: Kevin Provoke
Recording engineer: Alex BigSoul
Guitars: Fadhilee Itulya
Mix and master Engineer: Kevin Provoke
Label: Provoke Music/Wangechi Music
Management: Arcadia


Wangechi Waweru is a female rapper based in Nairobi, Kenya. Born in 1994, her passion for music began at the tender age of 12. Listening to the likes of Slum Vilage, I.N.I, Kalamashaka, Jay Z, Digable planets, MF Doom, B.I.G and many more, her love for hip hop grew and set her on the path to write her own music.

She currently has a MixTape: “Chakula ya Soul”, a BeatTape: “Balance: A Prelude to Art19” and is working on her self-titled album, “Wangechi”.

Listen to her previous singles: Analogue Dreams, Attention Shopper and Play.


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