Check out the new jam from the ever talented Chris Adwar and the Villagers Band titled Benta.

Benta has an old school feel to it, it’s nice, it makes you wanna get up and dance. And snap your fingers and tap your feet.

It’s an ode to all the Kenyan women out there, their beauty and their grace and all that makes them wonderful.

Benta is a word from his mother tongue which is Luo, which I love by the way. Luo is a really sexy language, like if you were to walk up to me right now and just started speaking to me in Luo I would probably melt regardless of what you’re saying hahaha ok back to the song, it’s fantastic a must listen to so go ahead and listen!!

Shout out to Chris Adwar and the Villagers Band and making us all feel a little Benta, hehehe. I’m honestly hoping I’m using this work correctly. Benta means pretty, right? Like I can call myself Benta; I’m Benta? Ok I’m gonna stop now.

Listen to Benta here


Chris Adwar is a member and front man of the Kenyan band called the Villagers band. He is a singer, a composer and all round musical maestro. The Villagers band is a Kenyan collective that makes soulful and truly Kenyan music.

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