If you’ve never stumbled upon Colors before, now’s your golden opportunity to dive into a world where music really comes alive in a super cool and simple way. Colors, the YouTube channel, is like no other when it comes to experiencing music. They’ve got this awesome studio that’s all colorful and inviting, and artists from all over the map take the stage, performing their songs without any interruptions. It’s all about the music, you know. With its unique style and total dedication to showcasing the world’s most talented musicians, Colors is like your secret to discovering many awesome tunes.

TL;DR on Colors

Colors has a pretty short but impactful history. It all started back in 2016 when this German music platform called COLORSXSTUDIOS, created by Philipp Starcke and Felix Glasmeyer, gave birth to the channel. The channel got super famous because they have this way of making music look and sound incredible, keeping things simple and making it visually stunning.

The idea was straightforward: artists and bands performing their music in a simple studio with a pop of color as the backdrop. It’s all about keeping it real and raw, you know. People from all over the world loved it because it was all about celebrating music from all kinds of genres and places. If you wanted to discover new music, this was the place to be.

Colors quickly became the hotspot for music discovery. They gave artists a cozy, stripped-down space to do their thing, focusing on the heart and soul of the music. This vibe really connected with folks who wanted genuine and unfiltered music experiences.

And the cool thing is, they’ve featured all sorts of artists, from up-and-coming stars to big names. They’ve played a big part in giving new artists their time to shine and connect with new fans.

So when I discovered some of my Kenyan favs were gonna be on Colors, to say I was excited is a mild statement.

I love live music, I love singing singers, like singing singers. You can sell me anything on a great beat and with a great tune. 

And the top of that list of late for me has been Xenia Manasseh. If you haven’t listened to her new album Love/Hate you should. No seriously, the song Love/Hate which is the same name as the album will have you floating up into the heavens.

But I digress.

Kenyan R&B artists performing on A Colors Show

The first to grace the Colors stage was none other than Lisa Oduor-Noah. I have been a fan of Lisa for quite a long time, she has an amazing discography that if you are interested you can listen to here. A favourite of mine from Lisa Oduor-Noah is a song titled Jahera.

If you don’t know who Lisa is, then you are missing out because her performance for Colors was ethereal and out of this world. She performed For Keeps.

The next to grace the Colors stage was none other than Xenia Manasseh, her performance (and fit) were amazing. I love her, though I would have picked a different song. She should’ve performed Anticipate or Love/Hate, because those are my personal favourties.
She performed a track titled Wild Ride.

Now if you love of Kenyan music then you must have heard of Camp Mulla. And if you have heard of Camp Mulla then you must know Karun. And if you don’t know Karun then get it together, please.

I have been a fan of Karun for a while. I even remember her brief stint in the group Cosmic Homies, and that music was a whole vibe.

Her performance on Colors was great, and that outfit? THAT OUTFIT?!! Yes!
She performed the track Only You

There is no bigger Kenyan music group in Kenya at the moment than Sauti Sol. They have been in the game since 2005 and killing it, to be honest. If you don’t know who Sauti Sol is then I don’t know how to help you (check link). And from the group Sauti Sol emerged Bien.

Bien Aime Baraza is a vocalist, songwriter, guitarist and of course a band member of the group Sauti Sol. He has a few hits under his belt as a solo artist such as Mbwe Mbwe, Inauma and Thick Thighs.
On a Colors Show, he showed off his vocal style and groove while performing True Love.

Up and coming

Spotify partnered with COLORSxSTUDIOS locally to showcase Kenyan RnB talents. As part of the same partnership, they held a week-long writing camp in Nairobi in October 2023. This brought together singers, songwriters and producers from Africa and the diaspora. And that is why Colors has been giving us gems, upon gems, upon gems with Kenyan artists.

Now I will admit, unlike the previous artists I know little about Nyokabi Kariũki’s music. And I am only slightly acquainted with Maya Amolo, but I do know that they killed it! One hundred per cent!

Nyokabi Kariũki – Nazama

Maya Amolo – Where Ya Been?

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