Ok this isn’t news. It’s more like a review maybe. And unless you’ve been living underneath a rock or inside a cave you know that Blinky Bill (founding member of Just A Band) has released an LP titled ‘We Cut Keys While You Wait’.

Quick note what’s the difference bewteen an EP and LP? I have been googling all day and I’m still a little unsure, I’m gonna guess one counts as an ‘album’ and another doesn’t? Right?

The LP is available online and is free for the masses (woohoo)

We Cut Keys While You Wait LP

It’s a five track LP, with features from a few artists we know like Shappaman and Sage Chemutai. And a few artists we don’t know like (we I don’t) like Maia Von Lekow. The style of this is Afro-Electric music (I just made that up).

So far my favourite track is the one with Shappaman, and I think that’s because I still have a soft spot for Camp Mulla in my heart. And it has the most lyrics (haha!)

Blinky Bill has also released a video for one of the singles off the EP titled Kwani Iko Nini.

Kwani Iko Nini- Blinky Bill


I dig the song but I have a few questions about this video. I need someone to tell me what the story of the video is, what is going on? Who is this dancer, why is she ‘on fire’? Why does Blinky Bill look like he’s bored and/or sleeping? I’m really trying to find the correlation of the video and the song(lyrics notwithstanding) and I can’t. I fear he’s fallen into the trap that many artists do when they are trying to be out of the box, they do interesting visuals that are meant to get you ‘thinking’ in an introspective manner but mainly leave you confused and asking why.

Things just can’t look interesting they need to make sense, maybe it’s just me *shrugs*

His hat is cool though! I need me one of those.

Find Him

Twitter: @heyheyblinkybill

Facebook: Mr Blinky Bill




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