So Adabu. I’m not sure I should even be the one to talk about/review this video, because y’all I was like this for the whole video


I has kweschons, so many kweshcons.

What is going on in this video? There is so much that I really didn’t even hear what she was singing until the second listen. This song is called ‘Adabu’ rough translation to English is manners. So in this song she wants to be ‘taught some manners’. I guess.

You see Swahili really does not translate well as coy, it’s one of the most literal languages out there and this song is a clear indication that sexual innuendo should not be translated. Please.

Maybe someone with a stronger grasp of Swahili will like this better that I did. Because. I just…

I love Dela so much this is really disappointing for me.

The video, I just.

I’ve never been so uncomfortable at how someone has been sexualised so much in a video like in Adabu. There were scenes where she was aiming for sexiness and it was just unnecessary, it was a strange and stark contrast between Delas scenes and H_art The Bands scenes. Maybe the collaboration wasn’t the best choice character wise? Because you can clearly see that the boys in this video wanted to play off the lyrics as funny more than sexy. The shower scene was really awkward right? It was a bit strange that they decided to play off the fact that’s there’s three of H_art The Band and one of Dela, so who was teaching her manners here?

Her hair and make up has gotten better though. I’ll give her that. Even though she arose from slumber with a full face of make up in this video hahaha…

We’re a long way from Ulivyo huh? Now that’s a video where the sexy both visually and linguistically worked.

One of the lines from the song is “Woman, you make me feel like a thousand shillings
Sio coins but noti…” I’m blaming Octopizzo for the rise of such lyrics/wordplay.

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