Dela – Mafeelings 😷 [Official Video]

Mafeelings is a captivating video shot & directed by the award winning Nigerian director, Clarence Peters . The video captures the betrayal by loved ones & friends in relationships & friendships.

First of all, who are these women who leave their bras and/or panties in dude’s cars??? And why?

Dela catching Mafeelings about a bra in the car

Dela catching Mafeelings about a bra in the car

After doing the sex on each other, do they discard these inner-wear like condoms? Does sexy time give you the courage to set them tatas free as well as say goodbye to panty-lines????? I need answers. I’m catching mafeelings over this issue :).

Also, don’t you just love how Dela says “tabia zenu ni RA-CHE-T”.

How to supercharge your case of Mafeelings

Step 1: Declare intentions to open up your heart

Step 2: Politely place a bar order for 1 Glass, 1 Water and 1 Bottle of Tequila

Step 3: Recount and Analyse the situation happening in your love-circle and friend-circle

Step 4: Realise you no longer need enemies

Step 5: Catch your now supercharged feelings as shown below

Dela catching Mafeelings

Dela catching Mafeelings

Awesome song Dela. Adding this to the Weekend Playlist: Volume 1.

About Dela

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