Before we even get into the video, about the title of the song Diamond(or his team) didn’t really do a great job of labeling it on YouTube. If you didn’t know his collaborators name you’d think his second name is Salome ? (yes I had a blonde moment ?)

This is a remake or re-imagination of the famous Tanzanian song Maria Salome by Saida Karoli.

It’s a nice song, I understand only about half of it but that’s nobody’s fault but mine hahaha

Diamond knows how to make a hit, there’s no denying that. He picks catchy beats, he gives us funky dance moves. He’s a verifiable hit maker. His music is about dancing and not lamenting about your life, and I appreciate that.

And I appreciate his chiseled chest, I will not even begin to deny that. Thank you Diamond for consistently showing us your abs. I appreciate you and your chiseled chest.

Diamond’s song reminds me of a Kenyan one though. I’m assuming it’s Kenyan, it could just generally be Eastern African. I think the song is by Remmy Ongala. It’s called Kifo.

Remmy Ongala & Super Matimilla- Kifo 1990

The beat is similar right? Or am I the only one who hears it?





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