Didge is back you guys!

He is BACK! Jesus does love me yes I know, I don’t think you guys understand I am probably the biggest Didge fan out here. I still to this day jam to Vintage Mswahili, like some kind of old person. That album was released so long ago, like in the times of albums not being a thing among Kenyan artists. I think Mercy Maira and Eric Wainaina had album and that’s about it, I mean I could be wrong (I probably am).

But back to my point one of my favourite artists is back with this amazing collaboration with our very own Blinky Bill (I wonder if he feels weird being a grown man and having people calling him ‘Blinky’ for short ).

This is all that is good in the world has me so much in my dancing feels, I love it.

Dude didn’t come back to play y’all, hashtag no Mchezo hahaha

Didge feat Blinky Bill – Mchezo Mchezo


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