Elani x Chameleone My Darling

Elani are back! With a track with the ever awesome Chameleone called My Darling

OK fine they never really went anywhere but after Elani’s MCSK debacle it’s good to hear them back to what makes them so great singing. In case you have not heard of what happen between Elani and MSCK check out the video below

#ElaniSpeaks – Where We Have Been

And of course we all love Chameleone, he’s been on the music scene for quite a bit and I’m glad that he’s still around giving us dope jams. This song is a perfect mesh of Elani’s and Chameloene styles and it’s a great collaboration that happen.

Elani x Chameleone My Darling

*side note*

Isn’t it dope how they went for a photo shoot for this song? Love the matching outfits!!

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