Erykah Badu seems to be in the studio a lot these days, and she seems to be having a lot of fun with it. She’s so great, but to be honest I’m a little in love with her. She could stand on a rooftop and yell out nonsense and I would say she’s a genius and fight anyone who contradicted me. Erykah Badu is gotdamb genius.

So Kanye West released a song a couple of days ago, like by mistake released it. And it was great. We love old Kanye and old Kanye seems to be back. The track was titled Real Friends/No More Parties in LA. He speaks on the falseness of people in the entertainment industry and its adjacent and how he despises it. He talks of how many people struggle to get into the life that the entertainment industry offers but when they finally get it they realize how shallow it is.

So Erykah has done a remix of the song but she titled hers Trill Friends : BADU WHODINI rough mix and I love her. It’s from her forth coming mix tape titles “THIS $h!t TOO EASY.” this comes after her mixtape But You Caint Use My Phone. Erykah Badu is a goddess and we should all bow down and her feet and bask in her Badu greatness. She just needs to a proper Kanye collaboration and then maybe I will die from Erykah Badu greatness *day dreams* .

Check out the track below

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