Check out the latest mash up by one of one of our favourite young African artistes, Faarrow.

FAARROW are a singer/songwriter duo made up of Iman and Siham Hashi sisters from Mogadishu, Somalia but are now based in Atlanta, Georgia.

They do mash ups pretty well and this new offering is no different than their previous mash ups. This current offering consists of  ‘Am I wrong’ by Nico and Vinz spliced together with a classic ‘ I Wanna dance with somebody’ from the legendary Whitney Houston.

This combo is funky and very catchy and had us dancing from the beginning till the end of it. We hope that they’ll give us a video like they did with their last mash up

Can I also just talk about how I love their Instagram? These girls are super stylish and super fit!! They make want better clothes in my life and want to exercise (not likely to happen but still). You can find them on Instagram here Faarrow  see the fabulosity for yourself. I often wonder if it’s hard for them to share one IG account, it must be huh?

Check out their latest mash up offering below

Faarrow – Am I wrong X Dance with somebody Mash Up


Wanna find them online? Check out some of the links below:

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