I have been a fan of Faarrow for a hot minute.  And now I’m Chasing High hahaha. I first saw their music on Noisey’s YouTube channel and I have been hooked ever since. They’ve promised us a complete body of work for a while and I had almost given up hope. That is until they released their debut album titled “Lost”. Which by the way is amazing. Chasing High is the first  video we’re getting from their recent album and can just say YAAAASS!

Chasing High is amazing, I may be a bit biased but it honestly is. The visuals that come with it are quite amazing too, I’m not sure who the director/producer of this video is but kudos to them.

The video like the song takes one on an emotional journey even if there doesn’t seem to be an underlying love story theme in this video as the lyrics suggest. The hair and the make up is flawless too and as ever they didn’t disappoint with their wardrobe, as we all know Iman and Siham are low key fashionistas.

It’s a great video and I’m excited for their next one.


iTunes: http://smarturl.it/i.LostEP
Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/a.LostEP
Spotify: http://smarturl.it/s.LostEP

Find Them

Twitter: @faarrow

Facebook: faarrow

Website: http://www.faarrow.com/



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