Faarrow is a singer/songwriter duo, Iman and Siham Hashi sisters from Mogadishu, Somalia but are now based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Fleeing their homes to escape civil war, the sisters and their family relocated to Toronto, Canada as refugees. Early into their teens the sisters identified their music ability but told no one for fear of the cultural taboo. When they finally made the decision to pursue a music career, they moved to Atlanta, Georgia to begin their journey. In Atlanta the sisters began recording and within six short months, caught the attention of Universal Motown. After sometime at the label and no debut, they decided it was time to move on (figuratively and literally). Iman and Siham then made the move to Los Angeles as free agents. Wasting no time, they were back in the studio crafting a new sound. Iman, meaning ‘FAITH’ and Siham, meaning ‘ARROW’ gives light to their name Faarrow. Their music has evolved into a drum heavy fusion of World, Hip hop and Pop music.

“Happy Thanksgiving yall! We wanted to give you guys something special cuz we’re super thankful for each and every one of you guys who have supported us for so long. We haven’t done a cover mashup video in forever so this was really fun to make!! Produced by @oneelijahkelley just like everything else you’ll be hearing from us!! Hope you guys love it …” — Faarrow via Instagram

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