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Cecelia Sagina stage name Cece Sagini is a young and talented Kenyan artist who was first seen in the Kenyan music scene when she featured on the song ‘Appointment’ with Jimmy Gait which received the 2012 Groove Award for “Song of the Year”.

She’s just released a new single and video dubbed “Feel it”.

Feel It is an inspirational song by Cece Sagini calling each individual to be the start of change.

Previous Single

She released her first single, ‘Sio Mwisho’, in November 2013. Check it out below.


About Cece Sagini

Cece got the drive to push further in her music profession by joining a Kenyan well known music foundation ‘ Sauti Academy’ where she got to better her vocal and writing skills as well as meet and network with other artists, producers and music event organizers who have helped her since to break further in the music industry.
She has a rich sound in Jazz, neo soul and Afro fusion.

Facebook: Cece Sagini
Twitter: @cecesagini
YouTube : Cece Sagini

Cece Sagini - Feel it
Cece Sagini – Feel it

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