Fena’s Work cover

As per usual I am late to this party, forgive me guys I’m getting old okay?!

Work is an international hit and has been on the back of most of our minds for quite a long time, the beat is catchy, the lyrics are barely intelligible and it’s fun to mumble nonsense along with Rihanna as you dance and have a good time in the club and let’s all be honest we’re obsessed with Rihanna, and who can blame us? She’s magical.

Fena gives this beat a go and I must say I am pleasantly surprised, the switch up from her usual sultry and soulful style to a more dancehall sounding vibe is a delightful and I for one am here for it!

And because I’m an easily distracted human being and I like shiny things, I couldn’t stop staring at the image of Fena that accompanied this dope track. I really appreciate when an artist puts thought into all aspects of their art.

I’m glad that Fena made the song her own and put little Kenyanisms into it and didn’t just copy paste what Rihanna did *coughs* NO SHADE.

“Like fries and then desert, I wanna eat I wanna slurp him…”



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