Hannibal is back guys! Oh my God Hannibal is back… Riri brought our favourite and recently cancelled TV show back, let us all bow down at the feet of the amazingness that is Rihanna.

Seriously everybody bow down to Riri, have any of you seen her new video to the ever popular single ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’?

It’s so freaking Rihanna, like it’s just so her it’s all I expected and more.

Now I’m sure you’re sitting there reading wondering what the hell Rihanna has to do with Hannibal right?

Well just watch the video below and you’ll know.

Rihanna – BBHMM

P.S How amazing does Rihanna look? Like so fantastic!! *goes to do squats*

I think she’s all of our spirit animal, the epitome of a care free black girl….

Also how many think pieces do you think will be written about this video? Like so many 😂

Rihanna Money

Side note

Oh, Hannibal was cancelled 🎶 about a week ago … 🎶.

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