So what’s Hot this Year? A brand new collaboration of course.

Her Highness Muthoni Drummer Queen aka MDQ and Kagwe come together in a bass-dropping track. Both feeling themselves to the maximum, recognising their social status and the hype that follows them everyday.

For all his hotness though, Kagwe stays giving us more lyric videos than filmed ones. Serve us more face Mr. Faux Locks ?

Hot this Year - MDQ x Kagwe

I’m all here for Kagwe with his catchy lyrics and his even catchier lyrics videos even though he doesn’t want to show us his oh so beautiful face anymore. But Kagwe if you’re gonna be on a track with Muthoni THE drummer queen, like the one and only Drummer Queen! You have got to bring it man, you have to up the ante on your lyrical game because Muthoni spit some gems here, some fire! Or I don’t know maybe just sing?

Maybe next time huh?

Also new music but no album? Okay I guess.


This nigga said Chida Bing Bing Bing… bruh?


Download Hot This Year (FREE):

International Download
Mdundo (Africa) Download

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Facebook: KagweMungai
Twitter: @KagweMungai
YouTube: KagweMungai
Instagram: @kagwemungai

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