Jidenna – Classic Man remix feat Kendrick Lamar

I’m sure by now we have all heard about Jidenna, if not we first saw him featured in Janelle Monaes Yoga video, not only singing but also styling. He looks fantastic I must say, Jidenna’s style is quite unparalleled in today’s music scene.

Jidenna is part of Janelle Monaes art and music collective Wondaland.

Wondaland is a label by Janelle Moane which is under epic Records and division of Sony Music Entertainment

Jidenna’s first single as a Wondaland artist is Classic Man, check it out here

The unprecedented hit had many artists clamouring for a chance to work with the artist, so I think it’s quite apt that Kendrick Lamar is the artist who got the chance to, and Kendricks verse is FIRE!🔥

Classic Man by Jidenna is well a classic song, it has a feel good feel to it. It makes you think of a time when people went to the club to dance not to drink 😅

And Kendrick gives it just the little extra boost to make you keep dancing.

I also really love that he say Momma Fucker and not Mother Fucker, that little tidbit just makes me happy haha also does Kendrick sat woo woo??

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