JuaCali’s SafSana, I’m so late to this party. Like guys have finished the food and drinks and are trying to figure where to go and next late. But to be fair finding this video on YouTube took a hot minute. Does SEO mean nothing to Kenyan musicians online? Is it that difficult to open a Gmail address with your artist name and just click yes when they ask you whether you want a YouTube Account or not? And then just upload your videos on that channel so that oyur fans can find your work easily? or do they not own their videos that’s why this doesn’t happen?

Anyway back to my point, SafSana a.k.a Safi Sana is a recent single by the *genge veteran JuaCali. It gave me so much nostalgia I half thought it was 2005 and Kenyan radio stations actually played Kenyan music.

I’ll give him this JuaCali is consistent, whether he’s grown as an artist or not is debatable but he is consistent. He gives you the style and the flow that made you a dan of his in the first place. I just wish he would move beyond…  “sisi ni wasee wa ghetto, genge ni life na lazima tutunge industry..” (We’re guys from the ‘ghetto, genge is our life and we need to build the industry). It’s been years, those can’t still be the things we want, your fans grew up with the music tell them something new.

I like walking videos, where an artist walks through either their neighbourhood or the CBD. It’s takes me back to when this was the trend in most music videos and these artists could barely afford studio time let alone videos.

Find JuaCali

Twitter: @juacaligenge

Facebook: Jua Cali

*genge – A genre of Kenyan music derived from hip hop, it’s based on conversational rapping as opposed to traditional rhyming.

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