It’s another one y’all!! Kagwe Mungai graces is with another hit and this time it features the one and only King Kaka a.k.a Rabbit, can you say turnt up?

Kagwe though, this is single number what this year? He’s dropped quite a couple of them. I mean he really should just give us an album now, or is that not how his record deal is set up?

Give us an album Kagwe. Seriously. I mean it’s time, let us give you our hard earned money you deserve it.

Big up to him for his consistency, unlike some of our favs he seems to have his stuff together. And about his hair… Have you guys seen it? What are those braids? Faux locks? What’s the deal Kagwe? Where did you get your hair did? Holla at a sister!

Kagwe Mungai – Give it to me feat King Kaka

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