Have you heard of Maia?

I first heard Maia at a festival I was at in the middle of well, nowhere. It was in the middle of the night, the lights were bright and my mind was fuzzy. I literally was stopped in my track because she sang in my vernacular and I was so happy, I’m not even sure I can explain it.

Anyway it took me a while to find her online but boy am I glad that I did. Her most recent musical offering is entitled ‘Lola’. I’m just going to gas myself up and assume she’s singing a luhya word and translate it. The word Lola means look/can you see (loosely translated, I could be wrong).

This video is the definition of simple but freaking amazing,. You are transported through the story she is trying to portray with these visuals. The beating of the heart outside of her body, the varied and jerky movement of the people around her, seeing how her loved ones go through their day, Maia being the center of all of the activity, clearly symbolizing that she is the heart of her loved ones. This video is amazing, it’s so amazing I’m almost gushing at how amazing it is.

I’m so glad Maia is making music and I hope she gives us more lovely tunes with her band the Big Sky.

Find her

Twitter: maiavonlekow

Facebook: maiavonlekow

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