Mayonde – Paradise

Soon after gracing us with an excellent album  Magic in the Air late last year, Mayonde comes through with some video uploads that she has aptly coined ‘Becoming a video ninja’. She’s released an acoustic video of her playing an original song of hers entitled Paradise. Mayonde is expanding her talents by learning how to play multiple musical instruments and the guitar is number one on the list. As if she was talented enough now she is going to stunt on us regular non musical people by playing instruments too? Leave some glory for the rest of us mahn 😛

Check out the video, the song Paradise is quite something. I really dig it, Mayonde seems to have really found her style and I always appreciate it when an artist finds their niche.

Become a guitar ninja video 1

This is the first video Mayonde did to show case her newly acquired and improving guitar playing skill, it’s a cover of the famous RnB song by the American artist NeYo that was stuck in our heads on a loop for a very long time. Mayonde’s cover of so sick is less RnB and more afro-neo soul (if there is a category like that, I may have made that up). Her set up for these videos seems cool and simple. Guitar? check! Camera? check? Microphone? check!!

Mayonde – So sick (cover)

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