#Me2 MDQ Tour

Muthoni is back at it again with some new ish, have y’all heard about the ?

Well now you know! Muthoni the drummer queen a.k.a MDQ is going on a nation wide tour of Kenya. She’s going to have 33 shows at 33 universities across Kenya, from the 13th of September 2016 to the 17th of December 2016.

Woah! That is major and also making it a ‘campo’ tour and making the tickets only kshs 300 is smart ass hell! Other than the obvious fact that campuses have the facilities to house her and her show, it’s an inbuilt audience.

If you are new to our site you should know that I love MDQ, like for real. She is one of THE BEST live shows you will ever go for, when she puts on a show it is A SHOW! MDQ ‘s live vocals are amazing and she knows how to get a crowd moving and feeling her music both new and old.

Congrats to her a nationwide tour is no small feat!

For more information on MDQ ‘s tour check out the poster below

mdq tour

For tickets go to


To keep track of the tour and for a chance to win free merch find her on

Twitter: @muthoniDQ

Facebook: Muthoni the Drummer Queen

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