Money- Khuli Chana

I admit I am a little late to this Khuli Chana party, mann this song is such fire. This beat is one of those that even though you don’t want to dance or if you are not particularly in the mood for dancing you’ll still get up and get down so to speak. It just gets you going, it’s a bit of a change from the typical hard core hip hop beats that we are used to hearing from Khuli Chana but I as a fan don’t really mind this change. He didn’t go as hard on the bars on this song as he usually does and I am ok with it, just as long as he doesn’t make it a habit of course.

I got some money!! But I ain’t giving it to ya!! 🎤

O rata chelete!! 🎤

It’s such a braggy song haha, we get it Khuli, you’re rich now🙄

  *weeps in poverty*😥😥

Have I said how much I like the beat? It’s just way too danceable, also those horns in the back, dammit it’s fantastic! 🎷🎺


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