Oh my god this song is Moto Moto!

Amos and Josh, listen to me please. Are you listening? I’m gonna need an album from you guys soon okay? Y’all need to stop playing with my emotions now. You can’t be releasing such fantastic music all the freaking time and not letting me give you my money, take my money please! I am asking you nicely.

Moto Moto is fantastic you guys, like I can’t believe I am slowly becoming a hard core Amos and Josh fan. I’m really glad to be a fan too because these two are crazy talented, if I find out that they also write all of their music I might honest to god have a panic attack and explode 💥🎉

Moto Moto is a great song, this beat choice is the right one for the lyrics and the feel of the song. This is next level awesome, I can even imagine the montage that can be made for this video about two lovers living in this big city we call Nairobi. I really hope Moto Moto gets a dope ass concept video and not the usual dance number filled videos Kenyan videographers do.

Come on Amos and Josh, release an album give Sauti Sol a run for their money. I believe in you

Amos and Josh – Moto Moto

Find them

Twitter: @AmosandJosh 

Facebook: Amos and Josh

Youtube: Amos and Josh 



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