It’s Friday.

Boy goes for house-shopping at Quick Matt.

Boy meets girl working at the till.

Girl happens to be Sanaipei (who LOOKS FREAKING HOT in uniform ?).

Boy falls in lust.

Boy must take girl home.

But boy isn’t here for a long time, only a good time.

Boy makes it clear that this is going to be a carnal encounter with maximum satisfaction.

He says …

Twende nyumbani for just a …

One Night Stand

About Twende Nyumbani

TWENDE NYUMBANI is a music video performed by Ndegz featuring Maddtraxx.

Ndegz is a multi-talented artist promising to be that much needed breath of fresh air in the Kenyan music industry. His music is a blend of his various musical influences, ranging from Afro-Fusion, R&B, Hip-Hop and Pop to name but a few. His sound resembles that of internationally acclaimed artists B.O.B, Omarion, Labrinth, Miguel, and Jeremih with an African twist, with industry insiders describing his music as African Pop [Afro-Pop].

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